Création 2019

    A choreographic and musical creation for 2019/2020


A choreographic and musical creation for 2019/2020
Premiere on November 29th & 30th 2019 / EIN TANZ HAUS MANNHEIM, Germany
Dance performance for 4 dancers

I paraphrase Juan Luis Borges*, "like the Goofus bird, I build my nest upside down and fly backwards because I am do not think about where I am heading, but where I come from". The new dance creation RESURRECTION, - like the previous creations
HARAKIRI - 14 & THE FANTOMES and LJHELM-, belongs to this movement and cycle and I will continue my choreographic research on "the human condition" –accompanied in this project by a musical creation by François Richomme.

A political, poetic, religious, organic, and choreographic subject –

There are times of resurrection that appear in our lives; the necessity of renewal in order to “start again”. Doing so in 2019 takes on a very special meaning, after 2018, which itself remains a special year, in the shadow of 1918 and the ensuing upheaval in the world. The new piece “Resurrection” develops this political dimension in reference to time, summoning and conjuring the past, present and future. “Resurrection” is a choreographic and musical creation that links geography and history with the three cities of Mannheim, Warsaw and Montpellier, three cities that are part of the creative process. The dance piece is performed by Polish and French dancers. The resurrection process itself is conceived as a physical process and a passage from what is known to what is still undefined, an experience between inner and outer worlds, between the tangible and intangible.
Above all resurrection is a question of the body, dealing with the body.

In its link to the religious and prophetic, resurrection concerns the body. Christ's injunction to Lazarus "Arise and walk" depicts this passage from the horizontal to the vertical position and gives the act of resurrection a physical dimension: the piece gives a choreographic form to this organic experience. Much like spring, which does not innovate but whose flowers always surprise us, novelty here is not in the idea of innovation but in the idea of birth. Here it is a birth which doesn’t break with the past but renews it in order to let the present appear and look at it anew.
Resurrection in order to change the point of view even in the preparation of the body.
I would like this idea to be present in the dancers work with a specific physical training for the project. This physical work, the matrix of the choreographic work will begin with floor work, and within a back-and –forth movement, will gradually head towards the vertical, the standing position.

Look at life and the living.
Lead the spectator towards seeing in a different manner:
- Movement ranging from the small,- the infinitely small-, to the large -the infinitely large
- Stillness as a major component of movement
- Space, in all its dimensions, even in the “out-of-space”, the edges and extremes
- Observation: to perceive, to listen, to feel and experience the sense of being alive
In this new piece, research will be developed within the choreographic process along these lines.

Listen to life and the sound of life.
The musical composition for “Resurrection” will use the sound of our heartbeat as a starting point. We will listen to this most organic sound and compose the musical material out of its impulses, its rhythm, and its vigor: this organic music composed and moving according to interactions with the choreography will guide the dance. François Richomme will compose this music.

Didier Théron -
Montpellier - November 2018

*J.L.Borges and Guerrero Margarita – The Book of Fantasy

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Zawirowania Theater Warsaw (open studio – Dec 8th, 2018)


Ein Tanz Haus Mannheim
Montpellier-Haus Heidelberg
Deutsch-okzitanische Festwochen


Artistic director
Didier Théron

Artistic counselors and collaborators
Michèle Murray, Thomas Guggi

François Richomme

Stanislaw Bulder, Artur Grabarczyk, Jee Hyun Hong, Camille Lericolais