• Full of dramatic tension, Shanghai Bolero fits the anguished Bolero like a cloak.

  • Their puffy bodies warp as they adapt to situations they invent in situ.

  • Here it is a birth which doesn’t break with the past but renews it in order to let the present ap

  • Much like spring, which does not innovate but whose flowers always surprise us, novelty here is n

  • As the score moves to a crescendo, the physical intensity also builds to gestures of almost r

  • In this piece we will deal with terms such as nation, Europe, Regions in a contemporary and artis

  • The choreographic challenge is about exaltation created with forms  rhythm space  connected to th

RESURRECTION (Creation 2019)

Premiere on 29th & 30th November 2019 at Ein Tanz Haus Mannheim, Germany was a great success. Check the photos and press review!


RESURRECTION in Montpellier - Festival de danse Mouvements Sur La Ville #12 in July! 

Press review - LJHELM* by Geneviève Charras

Review about LJHELM* (anonyme of le jeune homme et la mort), creation 2017 by Geneviève Charras, dance critic, dance historian and STRASBOURG University teacher.

1st prize at Jerusalem International Dance Week 2017

SHANGHAI BOLERO Triptych / THE MEN got the 1st prize of the International Choreography Competition at Jeruslem Dance Week on 2 December. 

Mouvements sur la ville N°12 at Montpellier
Mouvement sur la ville

The 12th Mouvements Sur La Ville - dance festival is posteponed, will take place in December 2020.