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They are filled with air but that doesn’t hinder them from roaming through the city as pleases them. These four colorfully costumed men, like tubby Michelin figures, joyfully travel from space to space, multiplying playful situations and unbelievable positions in space. They play with architecture and street furniture. Their puffy bodies warp as they adapt to situations they invent in situ. Nothing seems impossible to them. This outstanding choreography breaks with expectations concerning skinny dancers, and changes our perceptions concerning our own bodies which we would so much wish to be perfect. Their nonchalant roundness challenges the embarrassed and often reproving gaze of the passerby. This carefree and happy-go-lucky ‘Grand Phrase’, which we discovered during the outdoor Festival Les Turbulentes (Vieux-Condé), is like a flourishing and joyful ode to differences.
Thierry Voisin