Didier Théron - Career

Was born in Béziers, in south of France, lives and works in Montpellier. Studied dance with masters as Merce Cunningham, Dominique Bagouet, Trisha Brown and Zen with master Harada Tangen in Japan.

1987 : Founded his own company.
: Created his first piece “Les partisans” and received the first prize for choreography from Dominique Bagouet, president of the jury at the Festival “Les Hivernales d’Avignon”.
: First tour in Japan in Tokyo and Mito.
: received a Villa Medicis Scholarship for a residence at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto - Japan.
: His piece “HARAKIRI” is nominated for three Robert Helpmann Awards in Australia.
: Received the first prize of SETOUCHI International Contemporary Art Triennale in Japan for the performance of “GONFLES / vehicules”.
: Invited at the Palais de l’Elysée for the reception in honor of Sir Peter Cosgrove, gouverneur general of Commonwealth of Australia after many exchanges of Company last ten years with Australia.
2017 : Received the first prize of the International Choreography Competition Machol Shalem Dance House, for the choreography of "SHANGHAI BOLERO / The Men".

The dance company presents its work at prestigious theaters and develops co-operation in Europe – Great Britain (The Place – London), Scotland (Tramway – Glasgow / Edinburgh Festival), Germany (Mousonturm – Frankfurt / Halleschen Ufer – Berlin / Aachen – Ludwig Forum), Czech Republic (Prague), Slovakia, Ukraine (Kiev Theater / Odessa Theater); in Spain (Sevilla Festival / Valencia Festival VEO); in Asia – in Japan (Shizuoka - Performing Arts Festival / Tokyo, Setouchi Triennale / Kagawa, Aichi Triennale / Aichi), in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Art Festival); in India and Pakistan; in Australia (Perth – Pica – His Majesty/Performance Space- Sydney), in the USA (Dance Space Project – New York).


Daniel Buren Artist
Noritoshi Hirakawa Artist
Jacqueline Sudaka-Benazeraf Writer
Michèle Murray — Choregrapher
Thomas Guggi — Producer
Gérôme Nox — Musician
Donald Becker — Artist/Stage designer
Jean Marc Bourg Actor
François Richomme — Musician

Next to his choreographic work with his company, Didier Théron created a unique dance experiment in the district of "Mosson" in Montpellier, which lead to the creation of the "ESPACE BERNARD GLANDIER" in 2004. This center is dedicated to choreographic research, creation and training and is located in the center of this working-class district of Montpellier.