• THE MANNHEIM PIECES (provisional title)
    Création 2021

    Choreographic piece for four performers

THE MANNHEIM PIECES (provisional title)

Choreographic piece for four performers
Creation 2021 - February - Ein Tanz Haus Mannheim, Germany

The intention : 
The concept of the project is the portrait of the individual and the group. In the face of recent political events in Europe - Brexit, the economic situation, terrorism - the intention is to bring into play the idea of who we are, that is, a multitude of identities in dialogue with each other.
This work will be based on the work developed by August Sander (1876 -1964), a German photographer who, at the beginning of the 20th century, revolutionized photography and portraiture, rendering the image of an era and a community with these "Faces of an Era". Following the example of A. Sander a century ago, but in our case with dance and bodies at stake, we will develop the project to give a vision and the sensation of a group of individuals representing who EUROPEANS are today.

The choreographic approach : the study of codes
The work here is about movement materials and their writing, combined with a work on space and rhythm.
The work developed by the A. Sander, as welle as the codes he used and their classification, will also be a source of questioning for the choreography. We will question space, rhythm, the evocative power of the image, the situations. The choreographic work will develop from simple movements similar to everyday movement and behaviors, and from codes that are ours, to more complex situations and an elaborated combinatorial approach. The composition of the elements between each other will also be of great importance.

The purpose :
To draw a living portrait of what Europeans are today, with humour, gravity, poetry and strength.
We will try to respond to this with bodies, with images, as August Sander does.
A. Sander's work on German society at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century allows us to see and read situations which are common to all European nations. Perhaps, the EUROPEANS share similar codes and have done so for generations, which creates their unity. The study of these codes will be a fundamental support for choreographic process. The aim is also to show that "EUROPEANS" is not a fixed entity. This dance will also leave room for imagination and the extrapolation of the narrative in foreshadowing the future.


Dossier de diffusion: 

This choreographic piece for four performers will undergo several steps of creation from 2020 to 2021 between Montpellier, Mannheim and Warsaw.

Supports :

Ein Tanz Haus MANNHEIM
Institut Français Deutschland / Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse BERLIN
Zawirowania Theater WARSAW

Residencies :

Ein Tanz Haus - MANNHEIM
Pôle de Développement Chorégraphique Mosson / Montpellier - MONTPELLIER
Zawirowania Dance Festival - WARSAW


Artistic direction : Didier THERON
Artistic consel : Michèle MURRAY
Music : Joël ALLOUCHE
Performance : French, German and Polish performers to be auditioned
Technic : Luc SOUCHE & Nicolas EVESQUES
Light design & Costumes : Didier THERON